Welcome to Life Cares Today

"Where kids and teens matter today and everyday"

Welcome to Life Cares Today

Our Story

Dear Life Cares Today Parents:

After more than 30 years of working with kids and teens in a variety of ways, I have decided to not only own and operate Life Drivers Training but to start a new organization that will be called Life Cares Today.  The Organization will start out as a C – Corporation but will move towards a 501c3 corporation as quickly as we can.

The calling that has been on my heart for years has been to create a setting where kids and teens will have a place to grow and become stronger. This ministry will give them an opportunity to express themselves through various arts, which will include Karate, Dance, forms of Art and Tutoring and many more things to come.

Over the 33 years of our wonderful marriage, there is not one point in our lives when my Jodi and I haven’t gone out of our way to make a difference in the lives of kids and teens.  In those 33 years it has also become very clear to us that there are many hurting kids and teens in our communities all around us, some living right next door.  It is our goal through this ministry that both kids and teens will have the ability to increase their self confidence, self esteem, in general how they feel about themselves, making them a stronger person as they approach their young adult years of life.  We believe that there is many kids that don’t hear often enough, and in some cases don’t hear that there’ good kids at all.  Through this program it is our belief that through the compliments given by the workers and volunteers to these kids will grow in an upward direction, verses thinking less of themselves for many years.

Sincerely yours,

Ron and Jodi Zuverink




Our Mission

Keeping kids and teens at a high priority at all times. Continue to empower them in everyday that we can as ministries, striving to enrich them 24/7, mentoring them, walking along with them to make them stronger as kids and teens in our communities.

Latest News

Upcoming Art Class

More info coming soon..
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Our Core Values


To be Christ centered in all aspects.


To be at all times a good steward of time and resources.


To be overacheivers in all that we do, never be statisfied with minimum.


Always strive for new ideas to reach kids and teens of our communities.


Build Christ centered relationships with the students.


Be good servants in our communities to those all around us.


Work towards building confidence in our students every day.


Help students believe in themselves through the compliments that we give.

Make a Donation

Your donation will make a difference in a teen's or child's life.  Life Cares Today believes that there are many kids and teens that are longing for a stronger confidence and to feel better about themselves.  Your donation will greatly help us make a difference in many kids and teens lives.